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Here is a small cross section of projects ASP have undertaken to illustrate the benefits we have delivered to our clients in general terms. See our News section for more in depth projects.


Seamless Drawn 7xxx Series Aluminium
Alloy Tubular Components

Crashworthy seating for UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter.
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Seamless Drawn 6xxx series Aluminium
Alloy Tube

Radio Antenna, pneumatic and manually operated.
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Seamless Steel Tube
(high temperature alloy)

Fully machined Rocket Motor Body Mk10 and Mk16 Ejector Seat.
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Seamless Drawn 2xxx series Aluminium
Alloy Square Tube suite

Spitfire wing main spar booms.
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Low Thermal Expansion Aluminium
Alloy Extruded Billet

Precision thermally stable components for Directional Infrared
Countermeasures (DIRCM).
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Magnesium Alloy ZK60A
Extruded Rod

Machined components for lightweight radar decoy.
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Seamless Extruded 7xxx series Aluminium
Alloy Hollow Profile

Guide rail Mk16 ejector seat.
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Cold Drawn Polished 6xxx series Aluminium
Alloy Tube

Probe tubes used in fuel gauging acquisition and processing.
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