A brief history

For over 25 years, ASP has supported customers’ demand for improvements in quality, consistency, convenience and cost.

The ASP story began in the mid 1980s when Aluminium Special Products was founded in order to offer to users of aluminium a technically competent, independent supply option for non-standard materials.

We have also played an active role in the creation of several new products – a role that varies from assistance on specifications to taking on complete project management and design for whole families of components and assemblies.

Today ASP is serving users of specialist raw material in aluminium, magnesium and steel alloys, traditional and advanced. In the meantime, considerable skill has been developed in-house capacity for the manufacture of components as well as complex assemblies in dedicated cells.

Our web site is designed to give a brief insight in to the range of products and services we have to offer. Please take a look and, if you have any questions, or have a project that you would like us to review, please get in touch.