60th Anniversary Exhibition

Aluminium Special Products exhibit at 60th Anniversary Air Show

Following their successful participation in this summer’s Paris Air Show, Aluminium Special Products (ASP) has confirmed that they will be taking part in next summer’s Farnborough Air Show. The show runs from 14th-20th July 2008.


The air show celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2008, with an anticipated attendance of 1500 exhibitors and more than 270,000 visitors. ASP are also celebrating, having recently achieved the internationally recognised BS EN 9100:2003 accreditation. As active members of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance, aerospace clients have assurance in the guarantee of quality even for the “weird and wonderful” items that ASP specialise in.

ASP’s David Robinson comments, “Although we have been supplying the aerospace and defence industries for many years, our strategy to target the sector has developed rapidly over the last two years. We pride ourselves on offering an alternative view for our clients. Thinking outside the box is a daily occurrence.”

One of ASP’s recent projects is the development of an aluminium alloy with 53 per cent silicon content to provide thermal expansion characteristics matching those of mating steel parts. They have also been focusing on finding alternative production routes for high alloy steel tubing when sources had all but disappeared. In this case ASP completed the process with machining and heat treatment to the finished part, reducing the supply chain by three suppliers. One of the most impressive tasks undertaken by ASP has been to meet specifications established in the 1930s to ensure that the legendary Spitfire keeps flying.

David proudly testifies “As independent experts in aluminium and magnesium alloys, we can offer considerable advantages at the raw material end of the scale, but we also have the capability to take on further processing to what ever stage suits the customer best. Completely finished components and even assemblies are possible. We can remove a number of links from the supply chain, by taking care of these steps on behalf of our clients”.

We are looking forward to the Farnborough Air Show next summer, as it is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who thinks our services would suit their company to come and chat with us.”