News Summary July 2016

Passenger Seat Supply Chain – May 2016

After requests for support in the supply chain, particularly at the raw material end, ASP has been appointed to the Aircraft Interiors Group of the ADS.  The focus, in particular, will be on hard alloy drawn tubes for Spars and Baggage Bars as well as looking at opportunities for extrusions to replace expensive and wasteful plate and sheet forming.  ASP provides technical support from the design stage and in production can supply bespoke raw material, components and sub assembly as required.

CIRCM son of DIRCM – November 2015

Northrop Grumman has been awarded contracts and options by the US Military for its new CIRCM Infrared Countermeasures system.  Having supplied the former program, DIRCM, for more than 15 years, ASP will supply special PM aluminium alloy materials with very high silicon content for low thermal expansion applications.  Raw material is produced by Powder Light Metals GmbH who provide the best LTE alloys available for ultra-high precision machined parts.  Several alloys are available in various raw material forms to suit customer application and capability.

Tie-Rod Tube – November 2014

ASP has signed a cooperation agreement for the development of application specific hard alloy cold drawn tube for Tie Rod applications in aerospace.  ASP’s partner is Ye Fong of Taiwan, one of the world’s finest producers of high performance aluminium alloy tube, extrusions and rolled products.

CMM Investment – March 2014

ASP has now completed the installation of, not one, but two CMM machines manufactured in the UK by Aberlink.  The manual machine is used for Goods Inward and In Process work and the large CNC version is used for repetitive and production dimensional reports.   The new equipment also has excellent facilities for First Article preparation and SPC capability studies.